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marley dance floor

Marley Dance Floor

The Marley Dance Floor was the original, very popular reversible vinyl performance surface flooring.  Marley Floors Ltd. manufactured it until about 1978.  Marley Floors Ltd. no longer manufactures dance floors.  Consequently, the term “Marley” is now the standard, common term used for roll-out vinyl dance floors.


Install a Marley Dance Floor by laying the vinyl sheets on a “sprung floor”.  A sprung floor is a hard surface that absorbs impact, reducing serious injuries.  The Marley Dance Floor is a soft surface that reduces minor injuries.  Together, this combination completes a performance dance floor.

Construction & Installation

The standard layers in the construction of a Marley Dance Floor are:

  1. First, a thin top wear layer with a matte surface for proper traction and UV light protection to prevent the degrading effects of ultraviolet light.
  2. Then, a layer of color vinyl that supports the top wear layer
  3. Third, a woven fiber inter-layer to prevent deforming and provide elasticity
  4.  Finally, a bottom layer of foamed vinyl for softness.

Sheets of roll up vinyl make up a Marley Floor.  Then the sheets are aligned and held together by Dance Floor Tape.  Dance Floor Tape is vinyl tape available in different colors and widths.  The vinyl sheets are joined and anchored with Dance Floor Tape and a large, level performance dance floor with consistent traction is achieved.


Don’t forget that a vinyl Marley Dance Floor requires regular mopping to keep them clean and free of damaging small grit particles.  Most importantly, commercial mop solutions will work but only if they do not contain ammonia, which can interact with vinyl and make it slippery.

Dance Floor Tape

In conclusion, for a professional performance dance floor, roll out vinyl Marley Dance Floor sheets, join them with Dance Floor Tape and keep them clean with a regular mopping and keep on dancing!

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