Taping Dance Floors – Check For Nails

installing and taping dance floors check for nails

Taping Dance Floors?  Check One Two

First of all, before installing and taping dance floors, dance pros always check the floor surface.  Then they check for debris, nails, screws and anything with a point or a sharp edge.  Finally, they complete the task, unroll the floor and tape it down with dance tape for floors.

Most importantly, before taping dance floors let’s talk about the harder task to find the head of a nail that is slowly backing out of a wooden floor.

A Tale of the Nail

Wood floors expand and contract due to temperature and humidity changes and the force of leaping dancers accelerates the process.  Nail heads protrude above the floor surface, work their way out and cause damage before the floor is rolled up again.

Taping Dance Floors? Take These Steps

There are several ways to track down those nail heads if you really care about the condition of your floor.

Most importantly, inspect the floor closely in good light.

Also, use a flashlight to try to find anything shiny.

Finally, slide your foot across the floor while wearing socks will give you a better feel, and in some cases, the nail may grab your sock.

Check One Two then Start Taping Dance Floors

Finish checking the floor, roll out your vinyl dance floor and secure it with dance tape for floors.

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