How To Clean A Marley Dance Floor

how to clean a marley dance floor

How To Clean A Marley Dance Floor

Dancers Love Marley Dance Floors

One of the most prized characteristics of Marley dance vinyl floors is their slip-resistant finish.  Because of this finish, dancers prize Marley floors, which let them glide across the soft, springy dance floor without slipping.  Marley dance floors are designed to provide a careful balance between smoothness and grip.  So, here’s how to clean a Marley dance floor

Don’t Wax A Marley Dance Floor

Don’t treat a Marley dance floor with any kind of wax or sealers.  Treating a Marley floor with wax or sealer will override the balance between smoothness and grip.  As a result, wax or sealer will prevent dancers from having the precise control they need to “hit their marks”.

It is important to remember that only mild cleaning solutions should be used.  For example, harsh chemicals can compromise the slip resistance.

How To Clean A Marley Dance Floor

Here is a list of the steps to clean a Marley Dance Floor:

1) First, sweep your Marley Dance Floor with a soft push broom.

2) Then, mop your Marley Dance floor using a mild, neutral cleaning solution.

3)  Thirdly, mop across the Marley floor working from one end of the dance floor to the other.

4) In addition, don’t track back across the floor after cleaning it.

5) Finally, let your Marley dance floor air dry.

In conclusion, treat your Marley Dance Floor carefully and it will provide you with years of service.

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