Dance Floor Tape Is Marley Floor Tape

dance floor tapeOur Dance Floor Tape is Marley Floor Tape

Marley Floor Tape is an industry standard term for professional dancers and dance studios.  But it’s important to understand the company that made Marley branded floors has been out of business since 1978.

We field calls from customers looking for tape for their Marley floor. It’s interesting that often they don’t know their dance floor wasn’t actually made by Marley.

Fortunately, for them, our dance floor tape is Marley dance floor tape.  Therefore our dance floor tape will work on all portable vinyl dance floors, and, yes, we do speak Marley.

Remember, Don’t Over Pay for Floor Tape

Marley Floor Tape is just a name used for dance floor tape used to join and stabilize portable vinyl dance floors.  But there’s no reason to pay more for “Marley” dance floor tape.  Just compare and you’ll see that our competition sells an identical tape for more than twice the price per roll of our dance floor tape

Therefore, you can buy two rolls of our tape for less than one roll of theirs.  The cost savings really adds up over time and saves you money every time you assemble your Marley dance floor.

Vinyl Dance Floor Tape in 4 Colors

At, we offer Dance Floor Tape in 4 colors.  We stock black dance floor tape, white dance floor tape, grey dance floor tape, and clear dance floor tape.  Now it’s easy to match your dance floor color and keep that professional look for your dance floor  If you need more vibrant, stand-out colors, it’s no problem, we can get those for you.  Contact us with your color need and we will ship your tape out the same day.

In conclusion, always remember Dance Floor Tape is Marley Floor Tape and save!

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