Just What Is Dance Floor Tape?

Dance performances may involve any number of different types of tape, and at some point all of them are probably referred to as “dance floor tape”.

We sell a lot of these tapes, but keep the name “dance floor tape” for one specific product.

It is called “vinyl splicing tape“. That, specifically, refers to using tape to join lengths of portable vinyl dance floors. This product is normally made in five foot widths of different lengths. It is designed to be rolled up for storage or transport.

Since dancers want a seamless surface to glide across, there is a need to create a smooth seam where these sections of floor are brought together.

A vinyl dance floor splice, done with tape, creates a surface that has no gaps and which will not move under the dancers feet.

Dance floor tape is commonly called “Marley tape”, named after one of the first companies to make this style of dance floor.

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