Fill First-Then Unroll

Since vinyl dance floors are often used to cover floors that are in such bad shape that they can’t be danced on, it is tempting to just unroll the vinyl regardless of the floor condition and start dancing.

That can mean the end of your your floor.

It is necessary to fill holes in the floor-even if it is a temporary repair, before covering them with the portable floor.

Leaping dancers can come down with such force that the weight focused on a single foot can create a permanent dimple or even tear if the dancer lands directly over the hole in the floor.

Forcing the vinyl down into the floor, even a little, can permanently impact the condition of the floor, creating an imperfection that can never be fixed.

while it is best to properly fix the whole, something as simple as stuffing it tightly with rags and then covering it with a piece of gaffers tape is enough to prevent this sort of damage. is your source for cloth and vinyl dance floor tape.
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